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Things to Know About Elderly Abuse and How to Report

Elderly abuse is a common issue today but most of the victims do not always speak out because of the fear of retaliation. Because of old age, some of the victims cannot report. Cases of elderly abuse are reported in both senior care living home and home caretakers. It is the responsibility of the society to take care of the elderly. As soon as you suspect any form of abuse to an elderly, you should ensure that you report to the authorities. If you notice that an elderly person is unusually quiet or agitated around the caretaker, you should report as this is a clear sign of abuse. In this article, you will learn more about what to do when you suspect that you loved is being abused.

Reporting and elderly abuse is only possible if you are aware of the different types. If the word abuse is mentioned, the first thing that comes in mind is physical abuse. The leading form of abuse among the elderly is financial abuse. Most caretakers who are left to handle the finances of an elderly usually bankrupt them. Some of the forms of physical abuse that you should know include slapping, pushing, or punching that leads to physical injury. Sexual, healthcare, and psychological abuse are the other types of elderly abuse that you should know. If you click on this link, you will learn more info. about the many other types of elderly abuse.

How do you know that an elderly is being abused? It is not usually easy to tell if an elderly is being abused unless you are keen. Learn about the signs of abuse and neglect to ensure that your loved one is safe. An elderly who is being abused usually suffer different mental health issues such as depression and sudden change in personality. Apart from a change in personality, fear is also common among elders who are being abused. Also, you should check for marks and bruises on the body as these shows physical abuse. Take action immediately you notice any sign of abuse of your loved one.

Apart from the signs, you should be informed about the many scams targeting the elderly. This is common because the elderly are not usually savvy about the internet. Scammers usually take advantage of this to get money from the elderly through prize announcement. In most cases, the elderly will be asked to pay a small fee to get the large cash prize which will completely render them broke. There are other forms of elderly scams you check it out here now!

Now that you understand elderly abuse, you should know how to report. Reporting is simple as all you have to do is call 911. If you want to get justice for the elderly, you should get a lawyer to help in the prosecution.